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House in Haitian-Creole

This posts covers translations for a home and the different rooms one can find in a house. In this post, you will learn the different rooms one find in a house in Haitian-Creole. You will also learn some phrases related to a house in Haitian-Creole. House or Home = Kay or Lakay Kitchen = Kwizin […]


Vocabulary Video 5

This post covers words and phrases for Family, relationships, compliments, daily routines, food habits, and weather in Haitian Creole to help with your vocabulary. Hopefully it will help you build your vocabulary in Haitian-Creole. Do you like me? = (Èske) Ou (w) renmen’m? remember èske is not a must Do you love me? = Ou (w) […]


Learn Body Parts (Kò)

This post covers body parts in Haitian-Creole. It also shows you how you can use those parts in every day sentences. Body = Kò Good morning = Bonjou How? = Kijan? I, me, my, mine = Mwen or “m” Fine = Byen Grandma (grandmother) = Grann Child = Pitit Darling (honey) = Cheri Good morning […]


Haitian Dishes

This post covers the different types of Haitian dishes which is influenced by the French, the Africans, and the Spanish. It is very similar to other Caribbean islands and Central America but the taste is different. From my experience, Honduras dishes are very close to Haitian dishes, when it comes to taste. If you live […]


Form Sentences

This video covers words and phrases in Haitian-Creole. It includes sentences that cover wishes, questions, anniversaries/holidays, where/who/what/when, belief, stop, sit, get up, school, etc… Hopefully it will help you learn new words and put those words together to form sentences. Read the texts and watch the video to learn new sentences in Haitian-Creole. A little […]

haitian creole phrases and words

Haitian Creole phrases and words 3

This post covers Haitian-Creole phrases and words. This post covers costs, likes and dislikes, time, sleep, restroom, how to ask questions with and without ‘Èske’. It covers food, time, regrets, compliments, and a few insults. For more haitian-creole phrases watch this video. How much is this? = Konbyen sa ye? How much money? = Konbyen […]

haitian creole words

Haitian Creole Words and Phrases Video 2

This post covers more Haitian Creole words and phrases. This is our second video on this topic. So far, we have published seven videos where we cover words and phrases in Haitian Creole. In addition to learning these words and phrases, I encourage you to use other resources on your journey. Other things you can […]

haitian creole phrases and words

Words and Phrases in Haitian-Creole Video 1

 Words and phrases Learn Haitian Creole This post includes basic words and phrases in Haitian-Creole. This is the first of a few videos where we cover Words and Phrases in Haitian-Creole. Video 2 is here.  Hello = Alo Good morning = Bonjou Good afternoon = Bon Aprè Midi Good evening = Bonswa Goodnight = […]

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