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Sounds our bodies make (Son kò nou fè) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

sounds in Haitian creole

Sounds our bodies make (Son kò nou fè)

In this post, we cover sounds in Haitian Creole. Sounds our bodies make include coughing, sneezing, hiccup, burping, farting, gut rumbling, and snoring. We hope you find this post helpful. If you think we missed anything, please feel free to send us a message or leave us a comment. Also, check out our other post where we covered body parts.

Our bodies = Kò nou

Sounds = Son

Cough = Touse

Sneeze = Estènen / Etènye (Be careful how you pronounce this word. Without the “y” it means hospitalized in Haitian Creole)

Burp = Degobe / Fè (yon) gaz / Rann gaz

Hiccup = òkèt

Gut rumbling = Vant bouyi (bouyi also means boil)

Snore = Wonfle

Fart = Pete / Fè gaz / Fè van  (van also means air) / Pwèt Pwèt

Watch the sounds in Haitian Creole video here


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