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Imperative Verbs in Haitian Creole (Vèb Enperatif) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

verbs in haitian creole

Imperative Verbs in Haitian Creole (Vèb Enperatif)

Imperative Verbs in Haitian Creole (Vèb enperatif): Directed toward you but doesn’t always say the word “you” or “ou”. Usually, only the imperative verb is said but sometimes followed by object or adjective, adverb. Used to give commands, instructions, or warning.

Commands (Lòd):

  • Stop – Sispann
  • Look – Gade
  • Listen – Tande
  • Walk – Mache
  • Sit – Chita
  • Get up – Kanpe
  • Lie down -Kouche
  • Eat – Manje
  • Swallow – Vale
  • Stand up – Kanpe/Leve

Warning (Avètisman):

  • Careful – Atansyon
  • Watch out – Veye zo ou
  • Be careful – Fè atansyon

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Instructions (Enstriksyon):

  • Close the door – Fèmen pòt la
  • Drink water every day – Bwè dlo chak jou
  • Read the first 10 pages – Li 10 (dis) premye paj yo
  • Go to sleep at 9 pm tonight – Al (ale) dòmi a 9 è (pm) aswè a
  • Take this pill three times a day – Pran grenn sa a twa fwa pa jou
  • Shower after one week – Benyen apre yon (on) semenn

Positive imperative verbs (vèb enperatif pozitif):

  • Eat the bread – Manje pen an
  • Open your mouth – Ouvè bouch ou
  • Do your work – Fè travay ou
  • Call your grandmother – Rele grann ou
  • Wash your plate (dish) – Lave asyèt (plat) ou
  • Sweep the floor – Bale atè a
  • Fix your bed – Ranje kabann ou
  • Speak louder – Pale pi fò
  • Read this book – Li liv sa a
  • Brush your teeth – Bwose dan ou

Negative imperative verbs (vèb enperatif negatif):

  • Don’t touch it – Pa manyen l
  • Don’t watch too much tv – Pa gade twòp televizyon
  • Don’t eat all the food – Pa manje tout manje a
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol – Pa bwè twòp tafia
  • Never say that again – Pa janm di sa ankò
  • Don’t ever curse – Pa janm joure
  • Don’t talk to me like that – Pa pale avè m (avèk mwen) konsa
  • Stop yawning – Sispann baye
  • Stop coughing – Sispann touse
  • Don’t speed – Pa fè vitès

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