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Haitian Dishes - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |


Haitian Dishes

This post covers the different types of Haitian dishes which is influenced by the French, the Africans, and the Spanish. It is very similar to other Caribbean islands and Central America but the taste is different. From my experience, Honduras dishes are very close to Haitian dishes, when it comes to taste. If you live in a community like Miami, Brooklyn, or Boston, take some time to visit a Haitian restaurant and see for yourself. Of course there are other states where one can find Haitian restaurants but after living in several states on the East Coast, I find that these three states have a higher concentration of Haitians. My favorite Haitian food for breakfast are the Akasan with bread (not sliced). For dinner, I prefer the rice with black mushroom and chicken (or turkey) in gravy with the Russian salad on the side. For supper, I prefer Fritay (fried food) which consists of anything that is fried with pikliz on the side. Usually the Friday includes the Akra, Bannann fri, Taso (of any kind), Griyo, Marinade, and pikliz. Fried breadfruit which is not included in this post is also a good addition to the Friday.

Haitian Food (Manje Ayisyen)

Rice and beans = Diri ak pwa

Rice with black mushroom = Diri ak Djondjon

Black Mushroom = Djondjon

Cornmeal with black mushroom = Mayi moulin ak djondjon

White rice = Diri blan

Smoked Hareng = Aransò

Bean sauce = Sòs pwa

Vegetables = Legim

Bread soup = Soup pen

Pumpkin soup = Soup joumou

Corn, beans, pumpkin soup = Tchaka

Stew = Bouyon

Dumplin = Donbrey or Boy

Fried Chicken = Poul fri

Chicken in gravy = Sòs poul

Fried Goat = Taso Kabrit

Fried Beef = Taso Bèf

Fried Turkey = Taso kodenn

Fried Pork = Griyo (griot in French)

Spicy coleslaw = Pikliz

Spaghetti = Espageti

Fried Plantain = Bannann peze

Boiled plantain = Bannann bouyi

Russian Salad = Salad Ris (or russe in French)

Sauce = Sòs

Fried Sweet Potatoes = Patat fri

Fried crushed malanga = Akra

Fried spiced batter = Marinade

Macaroni and Cheese = Macawoni au Graten (or Macaroni au Gratin for French)

Meatballs = Boulèt

Breadfruit balls (with codfish) = Boulèt lam-veritab (ak moru); great for vegetarians/vegans (without the fish)

Codfish = Moru

Cornmeal = Mayi moulin

Cornmeal with beans = Mayi moulin ak pwa

Avocado = Zaboca

Millet = Pitimi

Conch = Lanbi

Crab = Krab or Sirik

Shrimp = Kribich

Lobster = Woma

Fried Fish = Pwason fri

Salted fish = Pwason gro sèl

Eggs or Omelet = Ze or Omelèt

Sweet plantain = Bannann mi

Bulgur Wheat = Ble

Porridge  = Labouyi

Corn flour drink = Akasan (or AK 100)

Salt = Sèl

Oil = Lwil

Spices = Epis

Cassava = Kassav

Peanut Butter = Mamba

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