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Mental Health - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

mental health in haitian creole

Mental Health

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This post discussed mental health in Haitian Creole. There are a total of three videos for this post and I will add all of them at the bottom. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.


SUICIDE HOTLINE /ÈD POU MOUN KI GEN IDE SWISIDÈ / MOUN KI ANVI TIYE TÈT YO: www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org     1-800-273-8255   (1-800-799-4889 Deaf/Moun ki soud)

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE / MOUN KI NAN RELASYON VYOLAN: www.thehotline.org  1-800-799-7233 “Text Message/Mesaj 88788” (1-800-787-3224 Deaf/Moun ki soud: Text Message/Mesaj: 88788)

Mental illness does not mean someone is crazy = Maladi mantal pa vle di yon moun fou. 

Part 1

You’re not crazy = Ou pa fou

Mental Health = Sante Mantal

Depression = Depresyon

Anxiety = Enkyetid (laperèz)

Anxious = Enkyete (pa ka tann – Kè w cho)

Restless = Ajite

Tormented = Toumante

Tormented = Boulvèse

Nervous = Pè (sou nè)

Worry = Enkyete / Anbete / Anmède

Trouble falling asleep = Pa ka dòmi (domi pa ka pran w – sleep cannot take you)

Trouble staying asleep = Pa ka dòmi (ap pede level nan domi (nan nuit) – keep waking up from sleep or in the middle of the night)

Afraid (scared) = Pè

Restful sleep = Dòmi byen (dòmi nèt ale – slept all the way)

Suicide = Swisid (anvi mouri – feel like dying) (anvi tiye tèt – feel like killing one’s self)

Committed suicide = Swiside (tiye tèt)

Suicidal thoughts = Ide swiside (panse ak tiye tèt)

Coping strategies = 1. Kijan w jere sa? How do you manage? 2. Kisa w konn fè? What do you usually do? 3. Kisa w fè lè konsa? What do you do during that time?

Support system = Moun ki sipòte w

Burnout = 1) Fatige – Tired. 2) Bouke – Tired of doing something, may be too tired to continue. 3) About – Very tired, trying to hold on but you’re at the end. Pretty much you’re holding on to the last thread.

Overwhelm = 1) Bonbade – Everything is coming at you all at once. 2) Anvayi – Surrounded all at the same time. 3) Kofre – Going through too much at once and the body or mind can’t take anymore so you stop growing or developing properly.

Exhausted = 1) Epize – Used almost to the point where you’re no longer useful. 2) About, fatige, Bouke – Tired or very tired. See burnout for detailed explanations.

Frustrated = Fristre

Helpless = Pa ka fè anyen

Hopeless = Dezespere (another word for desperate). Sanzespwa. San espwa. Espwa means hope.

Desperate = Dezespere

Confused = 1) Boulvèse (you’re so bothered that it feels like your whole self is our of place). 2) Bwouye (think of it like your mind is foggy).

Disoriented = 1) Dezoryante. 2) Twouble. 3) You may hear some say ‘egare’ which means dumb so don’t repreat it.

Suicide prevention = Prevansyon swisid

Suicide hotline = Nimewo pou ede ak ide swisidè

Suicide attempt = 1) Tentativ swisidè . 2) Esèy swisidè. 3) Eseye tiye tèt – tried to kill one’s self)

Mental health is just as important as physical health = Sante mantal enpòtan menm jan ak sante fizik

See video 1 for more explanations. 

Part 2

Failed = 1) Pa t mache – didn’t work. 2) Pa t reyisi – did not succeed. Mache also means walk and farmer’s market. Not a supermarket. A supermarket is makèt.

Protective factors = Tout sa ki ka minimize yon risk – Everything that can minimize a risk.

Feel safe = Santi an sekirite. Sove – to be saved

Safety = Sekirite (also means security)

Cutting = 1) Blese – there’s a cut and blood. 2)  Koupe – to cut something. 3) Kòche – to cut or skin something like a large animal. 4) Fann – there’s a split. Something it’s split in two or more but not always.

Self-care = Pran swen tèt (tèt means head but it means self in this case)

Harm = 1) Fè mal – to do something bad. 2) Fè mechanste – to do something wicked to someone else.

Self-harm = 1) Fè tèt mal – to do something bad to one’s self. 2) fè tèt mechanste – to do something bad to one’s self.

Homicidal thoughts = Panse ak (a avèk) tiye moun – ak a avèk mean ‘with’.

Risk factor = Tout sa ki ka fè yon bagay vin pi mal

Protective order (order of protection) = Odonans pwoteksyon – Lòd jij bay pou pwoteje yon moun kont abi (abi is abuse). Jij la di yon moun pa ale pre yon lot moun – an order from a judge to protect someone from abuse. It forbids one person from getting close to another.

Detention = Retni – like prison but not always

Detained = Retni – Lè leta kenbe yon moun (tankou prizon)

Detainee = Moun leta kenbe a / tankou yon prizonye

Psychiatry = Sykyatri

Psychiatric center = Sant sikatri – Sant sykyatri – (some people say sant moun fou which means center for crazy people but don’t repreat)

Watch the video for Part 2 for more explanations

Part 3

Psychiatrist = Sikyat (you may here some people say dokte moun fou which means doctors for crazy people. Don’t repreat)

Psychologist = Sikològ

Case worker / social worker = Travayè sosyal

What do you need? = Kisa w bezwen?

Is your life in danger? = Èske vi w an danje?

Do you need help? = Èske w bezwen èd?

Do you need protection = Èske w bezwen pwoteksyon?

We can help you = Nou ka ede w

You’re not alone = Ou pa sèl. Ou pa pou ko w – Kò means body but in this case it means the whole self.

You don’t have to go through it alone = Ou pa oblije fè chemen an sèl. Sèl means salt but it also means alone. Chemen is the way or path. Oblije means obligated, have to, or must. Pretty much, they’re not obligated or they don’t have to go though it alone.

Talk to someone = Pale ak yon moun – yon means one

Talk to a professional = Pale ak yon pwofesyonèl

Trust me = Fè m konfyans

See video 3 for more details

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