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Family in Haitian Creole (extended family) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

family in haitian creole

Family in Haitian Creole (extended family)

This post covers  family in Haitian Creole. This post specifically covers extended family members which usually include cousins, in-laws, nieces, nephews, grandparents, and in some cultures family friends and neighbors. There was another post that covered close family in Haitian Creole. You can see it here.

Grandfather = Granpapa or Granpè which is more common

Grandchild/Grandchildren = Pitit pitit

Grandmother = Grann or Granmè but Grann is more common

These elderly people are my grandfather and my grandmother = Granmoun sa yo se granpè ak grann mwen

They are my grandparents = Yo se gran paran mwen (grand paran’m)

I am their grand child = Mwen se pitit pitit yo

Uncle = Tonton

Aunt = Matant

Male cousin = Kouzen

Female cousin = Kouzin

Friend = Zanmi

Neighbor = Vwazen

This is my cousin (male) = Sa se zouzen mwen

His name is… = Li rele…

These are my aunt and uncle = Sa yo se matant mwen ak tonton mwen

Their names are… = Yo rele…

This is my friend = Sa se zanmi mwen (zanmi’m)

These are my friends = Sa yo se zanmi mwen (zanmi’m)

Mother-in-law and/or Stepmother = Bèl mè

Great-grandmother = Gran grann

Great-grandfather = Gran granpè

Great grandchild/grandchildren = Pitit pitit pitit

Stepfather and/or Father-in-law = Bòpè

Sister-in-law = Bel sè

Brother-in-law = Bòfrè

Stepdaughter and/or Daughter-in-law = Bèlfi

Stepson and/or son-in-law = Bofis

Stepbrother = Frè

Stepsister = Sè

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