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car repair shop

Car Repair Shop – Part 2

We will cover the Haitian creole dialogue portion of the car repair shop post. First, you would start by greeting either the person at the shop’s front desk or the employee would greet the customer or client. To do this, we say hello, which is alo in Haitian Creole. If you want to be more specific, you […]

book about Haiti

Press Release for New YA Novel

5Ms Publishing Announces the Release of Inspirational, Cross-Cultural, Coming-of-Age Novel 5Ms Publishing, a publishing company focusing on giving exposure to Haitian and Caribbean culture, has announced the release of an inspirational, cross-cultural, coming-of-age novel titled “Out of the Darkness” by Haitian author Jeanne Fortune. This touching book recounts the inspiring story following a young woman’s […]

car repair shop

Car Repair Shop (Garaj) – Part 1

This video mostly covers vocabulary for a car repair shop or a body shop in Haitian Creole. This is the first of two videos. Our second video will cover dialogue for a car repair shop. In this video, you will learn to say things like car, tired, muffler, steering wheel and more. Car – Machin […]

colors in haitian creole

Colors in Haitian Creole (Koulè)

This post only covers 11 colors in Haitian Creole. There are so many colors out there that we decided it was beat to focus on the colors that are used the most. Also, feel free to watch our YouTube video or listen to our podcast to learn more about this post. See links below. Wouj […]

mental health in haitian creole

Mental Health

This post discussed mental health in Haitian Creole. There are a total of three videos for this post and I will add all of them at the bottom. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know. Resources: SUICIDE HOTLINE /ÈD POU MOUN KI GEN IDE SWISIDÈ / MOUN […]

sounds in Haitian creole

Sounds our bodies make (Son kò nou fè)

In this post, we cover sounds in Haitian Creole. Sounds our bodies make include coughing, sneezing, hiccup, burping, farting, gut rumbling, and snoring. We hope you find this post helpful. If you think we missed anything, please feel free to send us a message or leave us a comment. Also, check out our other post […]

names of fingers in Haitian Creole

Names of Fingers in Haitian Creole ( 5 Dwèt)

This post covers the names of the five fingers in Haitian Creole. The post will also cover the relationship between the names of the fingers in Haitian Creole and in French. You will learn why we use “le” or “l” in front of the words even though the word itself does not include those letters. […]

verbs in haitian creole

Imperative Verbs in Haitian Creole (Vèb Enperatif)

Imperative Verbs in Haitian Creole (Vèb enperatif): Directed toward you but doesn’t always say the word “you” or “ou”. Usually, only the imperative verb is said but sometimes followed by object or adjective, adverb. Used to give commands, instructions, or warning. Commands (Lòd): Stop – Sispann Look – Gade Listen – Tande Walk – Mache […]

haitian proverbs

Haitian Proverbs and Idioms (Pwovèb ak Idyòm Ayisyen)

This post covers Haitian proverbs and Idioms. In this post, you will find that some of the idioms used in Haiti are quite similar to those in the United States and others are very different. As always, feel free to ask questions and leave me comments. Also, if you haven’t visit my author website and […]

law in haitian creole

Law in Haitian Creole (Lwa oswa Lalwa)

This video covers Law or the Law in Haitian Creole. In this video we cover getting arrested, getting charged with a crime, going to trial, and more…. Our other videos cover hospital or doctor’s visits, verbs, and more. Law = Lwa The Law = Lalwa (Lalwa also means Aloe) Crime = Krim Witness = Temwen […]