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Press Release for New YA Novel - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

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Press Release for New YA Novel

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5Ms Publishing Announces the Release of Inspirational, Cross-Cultural, Coming-of-Age Novel

5Ms Publishing, a publishing company focusing on giving exposure to Haitian and Caribbean culture, has announced the release of an inspirational, cross-cultural, coming-of-age novel titled “Out of the Darkness” by Haitian author Jeanne Fortune. This touching book recounts the inspiring story following a young woman’s challenging experiences while migrating from Haiti to the United States and trying to adjust to her new life. In a story that explores the struggles immigrants face when coming to the United States, Jeanne Fortune manages to touch on complex topics such as depression and fear of change in an eloquent and compelling manner. The protagonist of “Out of the Darkness,” Cynthia Josaphat, is a Haitian teenager who is uprooted from the life she knows and faces a difficult transition as an immigrant in the United States. Being unfamiliar with the English language was the least of her worries as she faced obstacles such as unexpected heart surgery, homelessness, depression, and an abusive relationship. However, although this story is full of the trials and tribulations faced by a young Haitian immigrant, it is also a tale of redemption. Readers of “Out of the Darkness” will be moved by the heartfelt storytelling and protagonist Cynthia’s discovery of self-love and perseverance.


In everything they publish, 5Ms Publishing is on a mission to share multicultural stories and experiences with the world. By placing a focus specifically on Haitian and Caribbean authors, they want to showcase the inspirational, cross-cultural stories that these authors have to share. 5Ms Publishing values diversity and multiculturalism in everything they do and wants to connect people of all ages and cultures through literature. Diversity and cross-cultural experiences are celebrated in every book released by 5Ms publishing.


“Writing ‘Out of the Darkness’ was such an amazing learning and growing experience for me, and I know that my readers will feel a similar sense of growth after completing the story,” stated Jeanne Fortune, author of the newly released novel. I hope this novel acts as a source of inspiration for immigrants while opening the eyes of non-immigrants to the many struggles we can face during difficult transitions.”


Readers will find “Out of the Darkness” to be a heartstring-tugging emotional rollercoaster that provides inspiration, encouragement, and reassurance to any person who has faced struggles or a difficult transition in their life. Jeanne Fortune is also the author of two charming children’s books that also feature themes of celebrating diversity and multiculturalism. Her latest release, “Out of the Darkness,” is available now for purchase as an eBook, hardcover, or paperback.


To learn more about 5Ms Publishing, go to www.fivemspublishing.com.

Out of the Darkness is now available for preorder on Amazon. The book’s release date is January 25, 2022.


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