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Form Sentences - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |


Form Sentences

This video covers words and phrases in Haitian-Creole. It includes sentences that cover wishes, questions, anniversaries/holidays, where/who/what/when, belief, stop, sit, get up, school, etc… Hopefully it will help you learn new words and put those words together to form sentences. Read the texts and watch the video to learn new sentences in Haitian-Creole.

A little bit = Yon ti kras

This is expensive = Sa a chè

Feel better = Santi ou (w) pi byen

Happy Birthday = Bòn fèt

Congratulations = Felisitasyon

How old are you? = Ki laj ou (w)?

How? = Kijan, Kòman, Kouman?

Merry Christmas = Jwaye Nwel

Happy New Year = Bòn ane

Where? = Ki kote?

Where is your mom?= Kote manman ou (w)?

Why?= Poukisa?

When? = Ki lè?

Who? = Ki moun?

Who is that? = Ki moun sa?

What is up? = Sak pase?

I know = Mwen konnen

I don’t know = Mwen pa konnen

What happened? = Sa ki (sak) te pase?

That is a lie = Sa se yon manti

You are lying = Ou (w) ap bay manti (or wap bay manti)

You lie = Ou (w) bay manti

You lied = Ou te bay manti

That is the truth = Sa se verite a (or se vre which is more common)

It’s true = Li vrè or Se vre

Believe me = Kwè mwen

I believe you = Mwen kwè ou (w)

It’s hot = Li cho

It’s cold = Li frèt

The food is spicy = Manje a pike

Poke, Stab, or Spicy = Pike

Have a seat or sit down = Chita

Get up = Leve

Lay down = Kouche

Come in = Vini andedan or rentre

Get out or outside = Deyò

Come = Vini

Stop = Sispann

Walk = Mache

Market (not supermarket; more like a farmer’s market = Mache

Talk to me = Pale avèk mwen (or avè’m)

It’s loud = Li fò (if you hit something too hard you also use the word “fò”

It’s low = Li ba

Speaker lower = Pale pi ba

It’s quiet = Li trankil

Do you exercise? = Ou (w) fè egzèsis ?

Is there a pool? = Èske gin yon pisin? (of course eske is not a must)

At what time? = A ki lè?

Are you here? = Ou isit la? (or ou rive?)

Are you there? = Ou la?

Telephone = Telefòn

Call me later = Rele m pita

Here is my number = Min nimewo mwen

Are you single? = Ou se yon sèlibatè?  (or most common way to say it is “ou gin yon moun? which means do you have someone?)

Are you married? Ou marye?

Do you have kids? = Ou gin ti moun?

How many? = Konbyen?

How many do you have? = Konbyen ou genyen?

Do you go to school? = Ou ale lekòl?

What are you learning? = Kisa ou ap (wap) aprann?

I am learning Creole = Map aprann kreyòl

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