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Family (Fanmi) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |


Family (Fanmi)

Family is when different people are related either by blood, marriage, or adoption. In some areas of the world like Haiti, your neighbors can also be considered family, especially when the families have been neighbors for generations.  Friends can also be considered family if the friends are really close. This post will cover close family relationships in Haitian Creole. I will publish another post that will cover extended relatives.

Man or Men = Mesye, Gason, Nèg

Husband/Spouse = Mari

Father or Dad = Papa

Good morning = Bonjou

This man is my dad = Mesye sa se papa mwen (papa’m)

His name is… = Li rele…

I am happy to meet your dad = Mwen byen kontan rankontre papa ou (papa w)

Woman/Lady = Fi, Fanm, Madanm

Wife or Spouse = Madanm

Mother/mom = Manman

This woman is my mom = Fi sa se manman mwen (manman’m)

Her name is… = Li rele…

Parents = Paran

Child/Children = Pitit

Good afternoon = Bonsoi

These people are my parents = Moun sa yo se paran mwen (paran’m)

Their names are… = Yo rele…

These kids are our children = Timoun sa yo se pitit nou

Their names are… = Yo rele…

Baby = Bebe

Small Baby = Ti bebe

Boy = Ti gason

Son = Pitit gason

Brother = Frè

Girl = Ti fi

Daughter = Pitit fi

Sister = Sè

This boy is my brother = Ti gason sa se frè mwen (frè’m)

This girl is my sister = Ti fi sa se sè mwen (sè’m)

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