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Travel to Haiti - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |


Travel to Haiti

If you are traveling to Haiti or thinking about traveling to Haiti, there are a number of things that you need to do or get. You need an airline ticket, passport, and suitcases. As you travel to Haiti, you will need to go through immigration and customs. After landing in Haiti, you will need to get picked up by a driver. It might be helpful for you to understand the Haitian Gourdes (HTG), which is the Haitian currency. If you are an American citizen, it might be helpful to know how to contact the U.S. Embassy and definitely how to ask for help. It will be necessary for you to eat and drink while you are there. This post will provide you with a few words and phrases you can use to get by in Haiti. If you are looking for more words and phrases to help you have short conversation we have another post that covers short conversations.

Ticket = Tikè

Passport = Paspò

Arrival = Arive

Search = Chèche

Departure = Depa

Driver = Chofè

Money = Lajan or Kòb

Adoption = Adopsyon

Orphanage = Òfelina

Orphan = Òfelen

Haiti = Ayiti

Haitian = Ayisyen

Flag = Drapo

Visitor = Vizitè

Airport = Ayewopo

Airplane = Avyon

Suitcase = Malèt or Valiz

Mosquitoes = Moustik

Immigration = Imigrasyon

Doctor = Doktè

Customs = Ladwàn or Douane

Welcome = Byenveni

Hospital = Lopital

Trip = Vwayaj

It’s hot = Li cho

Fan = Vantilatè

Food or eat = Manje

Water = Dlo

U.S. Embassy = Anbasad Etazini

Lost = Pèdi

Help me = Ede mwen (ede’m)

Hello = Alo

I like it = Mwen renmen li

Agency = Ajans

Lawyer = Avoka

Judge = Jig or Juge

Biological Family = Fanmi Byolojik

Social Services (IBESR) = Byennèt Sosyal

Courthouse = Tribinal or Palè jistis

Birth Certificate = Ak de nesans or Batistè

Death Certificate = Sètifika Lanmò or Ak de decès

Guesthouse = Kay vizitè

Sleep well = Byen dòmi

How much or How many? = Konbyen?

Day = Jou

Month = Mwa

Year = Ane

Goodbye = Orevwa

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