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Vocabulary Video 5 - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |


Vocabulary Video 5

This post covers words and phrases for Family, relationships, compliments, daily routines, food habits, and weather in Haitian Creole to help with your vocabulary. Hopefully it will help you build your vocabulary in Haitian-Creole.

Do you like me? = (Èske) Ou (w) renmen’m? remember èske is not a must

Do you love me? = Ou (w) renmen’m?

Birthday cake =  Gato anivèsè nesans

I want to swim = Mwen vle naje

It’s dirty = Li sal

It’s clean = Li pwòp

Before = Anvan

After = Apre

In the middle = Nan mitan

Where is your family? = Ki kote fanmi ou ye? or Kote fanmi ou ye?

Father = Papa

Mother = Manman

Brother = Frè

Sister = Sè

Cousin = Kouzen (male) or Kouzin (female)

Aunt = Matant

Uncle = Tonton

Grandmother = Grann

Grandfather = Granpapa or Granpè

I am going to sleep = Mwen pral dòmi

Brush teeth = Bwose dan

Toothbrush = Bwòs dan

Shower = Benyen

Did you take a shower? = Èske ou te benyen or ou te benyen?

Yes I took a shower = Wi mwen te benyen

It’s cold outside = Li fè frèt deyò a

It’s hot outside = Li fè cho deyò a

Snow = Nèj

It’s snowing outside = Lap fè nèj deyò a or nèj ap tonbe

I need to wash my hands = Mwen bezwen lave men mwen

I need to do laundry = Mwen bezwen fè lesiz

Soap = Savon

Where is the soap? = Ki kote savon an ye? or Kote savon an ye?

I need water please = Mwen bezwen dlo tanpri or souple

Is the water clean? = Èske dlo a pwòp or dlo a pwòp?

What do you eat? = Ki sa ou manje?

I am vegetarian = Mwen se vejetaryen

I don’t eat pork = Mwen pa manje vyann kochon

I don’t eat meat = Mwen pa manje vyann

I eat fish = Mwen manje pwason

I eat rice and beans = Mwen manje diri ak pwa

May I watch television? = Èske mwen ka gade televizyon? or mwen ka gade televizyon?

I like music = Mwen renmen mizik

What kind of music do you like? = Ki jan de Mizik ou renmen?

You are beautiful = Ou bèl

You are ugly = Ou lèd

You are handsome = Ou bèl gason

I like your smile = Mwen renmen souri ou

I like your hair = Mwen renmen cheve ou

Money = Lajan or kòb

Let’s get married = An nou marye

Marry me = Marye avè’m

You are nice = Ou janti

You are not nice = Ou pa janti

Sweet = Dous

Bitter = Anmè

Upset = Fache or move

Cruel/mean = Mechan

Listen to me = Koute’m or koute mwen

Hear me = Tande’m or tande mwen

Do you hear me? = Èske ou tande’m? or èske ou tande’m?

Are you listening?  = Èske ou ap (wap) tande’m? or èske ou ap (wap)tande’m?

Watch for pronunciations

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