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Request from an Adoptive Parent - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

adopting from haiti

Request from an Adoptive Parent

This video was requested by someone who is in the process of adopting from Haiti. and wants to learn Haitian-Creole. I hope others who are in the process of adopting from Haiti or have adopted from Haiti will find this post and the video useful. If you want to learn Haitian-Creole, please subscribe to my website and YouTube channel for future posts and videos. As always, all feedback, questions, and special requests are welcomed.

Did something hurt your feelings? = Èske gen yon bagay ki fè ou mal?

Are you hurt? =Èske ou blese?

Do you feel ok? =Èske ou santi ou byen?

Is something wrong? =Èske ou gen yon bagay? or Kisa ou genyen?

Do you need to poop? =Èske ou bezwen poupou? or Èske ou gen poupou?

Do you need to pee? =Èske ou bezwen pipi? Èske ou bezwen fè pipi? Èske ou gen pipi?

Do you feel like throwing up? =Èske ou anvi vomi?

This medicine will make you feel better = Medikaman sa a ap fè ou santi ou pi byen or Remèd sa a ap fè ou santi ou pi byen

Let’s practice this together = Ann (an nou) pratike sa ansanm

This is our church = Sa (a) se legliz nou or Sa (a) se legliz nou mache a

This is your Sunday school class = Sa (a) se klas lekòl dimanch ou

Mommy and dad will stay right here with you = Manman ak papa ap rete la avèk ou or Manman ak papa ap rete la avè ou

Did you have a bad dream? = Èske ou te fè yon move rèv

Rough ocean = Lanmè a move

Did you have a nightmare? = Èske ou te fè yon kochma

Here’s a snack for you = Men yon ti fridòdòy

What kind of food do you like most? = Ki kalite manje ou pi renmen? or Ki jan de manje ou pi renmen?

I will braid your hair = Map trese cheve ou

Food = Manje

It’s time to eat breakfast = Li lè pou manje manje maten or Li lè pou manje dejene

It’s time to eat dinner = Li lè pou manje dine

It’s time for supper = Li lè pou soupe

Show me where it hurts = Montre’m ki kote li fè ou mal

Please buckle your seat belt = Tanpri tache senti ou

Please put your cup in the sink = Tanpri mete gode ou nan evye a

Please put your plate in the sink = Tanpri mete asyèt ou nan evye a

These will be our family rules = Sa yo se règleman fanmi nou

Which one is your favorite? = Kiyès ou pi renmen?

Which one do you like best? = Kiyès ou pi renmen?

Is that comfortable? =Èske sa konfòtab?

Let’s try it together? = Ann (an nou) eseye li (eseye’l) ansanm

Don’t be afraid = Piga ou pè

You don’t need to be afraid = Ou pa bezwen pè

We will help you = Nap (nou ap) ede ou

Please turn off the light = Tanpri etenn limyè a

Please turn off the fire = Tanpri etenn dife a

Please turn on the light = Tanpri limen limyè a

Watch Adopting from Haiti video for pronunciations

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