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adopting from haiti

Request from an Adoptive Parent

This video was requested by someone who is in the process of adopting from Haiti. and wants to learn Haitian-Creole. I hope others who are in the process of adopting from Haiti or have adopted from Haiti will find this post and the video useful. If you want to learn Haitian-Creole, please subscribe to my […]

holidays in haiti

Holidays in Haiti (Easter)

Haiti celebrates a few of the Holidays that we celebrate in the United States. One of the holidays in Haiti that’s popular around the world is Easter. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. As a child growing up in Haiti, we celebrated Easter almost the same way every single year. We eat […]


Directions in Haitian-Creole

This posts covers how to ask for directions and how to give directions in Haitian-Creole. It covers how to ask for a specific location like an address. It also covers how to give directions in Haitian-Creole like make a left, make a right, or go straight. How to tell if a place is close, far, […]