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dialogue in haitian creole

Dialogue For Restaurants (Dyalòg Pou Restoran)

This post contains dialogue for restaurants. You will learn common words and sentences used during conversations in a restaurant. This post will teach you how to place your order, thank the waiter or waitress, let the restaurant know if there is an issue with your food, thank, and pay for your order. Dialogue for when […]

haitian creole dialogue

Haitian Creole Dialogue (meeting someone)

English and Haitian Creole dialogue when meeting someone. This video covers common sentences used during conversations when meeting someone new or an acquaintance. Dialogue when meeting someone = Dyalòg lè ou rankontre yon moun Hello, my name is Marie or Mary = Alo, mwen rele Marie Hello, my name is Jean = Alo, mwen rele Jean […]

five senses

Five Senses (Senk Sans)

Five senses = Senk Sans Sight = Vizyon or Wè Hearing = Tande Smell = Santi (Sant) Pran Sant Taste = Goute (Gou), Pran Gou Touch = Manyen or Touche I see the mountains = Mwen wè  montay yo or Mwen wè mòn yo My eyesight is not good = Vizyon m pa bon Blind = Avèg […]

learn haitian creole for free


Have you ever thought about learning Haitian Creole for free? On this website, you will find texts, videos, games/exercises, food, and more to help you learn Haitian Creole for free. We are getting ready to add recipes as well for those who are interested in learning how to cook Haitian food. If you would like […]

history of haiti

Discover the History, Language, and Culture of Haiti

With its tumbling waterfalls, tranquil beaches, and greenery-capped mountains, Haiti offers several striking sights for tourists and locals alike. The country’s natural beauty makes it one of the most popular places to visit in the Caribbean. However, if you dig a little bit deeper, you’ll discover that Haiti offers much more than a beach to […]

how to use the word just properly in haitian creole

How to use the word “Just” properly

This is a short post and video to discuss how to properly use the word “Just” in Haitian-Creole properly. Very often, I notice people using the word “Jis” to say when something just happened which is not correct. The word just means Jis which is used for justice. Jis can also be used to say […]

clothes in haitian creole

Clothes in Haitian-Creole

This post covers clothes which is “Rad” in Haitian-Creole. This post will teach you how to say dresses, pants, shirt, undershirt, underwear, panties, socks, shoes, belt, suit, skirt, underskirt, sleeveless tops or shirts, shorts, T-shirt, undress, clothe, nightgown, pajamas, Jeans, overalls, sweater, gloves, bra in Haitian-Creole. Clothes = Rad Clothe or Get dressed = Abiye […]

speak creole

Dining Room – Speak Haitian Creole

Are you trying to speak Haitian Creole? This video covers dining room which is Salamanje in Haitian-Creole. This post will teach you how to say table, chair, chandelier, and other items one would expect to find in a dining room. This is one of a few videos where we cover different rooms and items one […]

months of the year

Months of the Year

This post covers the months of the year in Haitian-Creole. The month of the year in Haitian Creole are very similar to the way they are pronounced in French. The spelling is what differentiates them. In this post, you will learn to say the 12 months of the year, spell them, and pronounce them. You […]

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