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Careers or Professions in Haitian Creole (M-Z) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

careers in haitian creole

Careers or Professions in Haitian Creole (M-Z)

This post covers careers or professions in Haitian Creole. This post covers professions that start with M through Z. There will also be a video at the end of the post to help with pronunciations. We have already published another post that covers careers in Haitian Creole that start with A through L soon. As always, feel free to comment and/or ask questions. If you think I missed anything, please do not hesitate to ask. We have also been adding games/exercises to our website so feel free to visit our Games/Exercises page to practice.


Career or Profession = Metye / Pwofesyon / Karyè

Maid = Bòn

Maid = Sèvant

Manager = Manadjè

Midwife = Fanm saj

Midwife = Sajfam

Meteorologist = Meteyolojis (Meteyo is more common)

Musician (male) = Mizisyen

Musician (female) = Mizisyèn

Nurse (male) = Enfimye

Nurse (female) = Enfimyè

Nurse (female) = Mis

Pastor = Pastè

Pharmacist (male) = Famasyen

Pharmacist (female) = Famasyèn

Photographer = Fotograf

Police = Lapolis

President = Prezidan

Priest = Prèt

Priest =  Pè

Prime Minister = Premye Minis

Psychiatrist = Sikyat (or Doktè moun fou which is disrespectful because it means crazy people doctor)

Psychologist = Sikològ

Real Estate Agent = Koutye

Reporter = Repòtè

Researcher = Chèchè

Researcher = Rechèchè

Scientist = Syantis

Secretary = Sekretè

Senator = Senatè

Social Worker = Travayè byennèt sosyal

Social worker (female) = Travayèz byennèt sosyal

Speech Therapist = òtofonis

Surgeon = Chirijyen

Teacher = Pwofesè

Teacher (male) = Mèt lekòl

Teacher (female) = Matmwazèl lekòl

Thief = Vòlè

Thief (female) = Vòlèz

Translator = Tradiktè

Veterinarian = Veterinè

Writer = Ekriven

Career or Professions video for pronunciations

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