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Buildings in Haitian Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

buildings in haitian creole

Buildings in Haitian Creole

This post covers buildings in Haitian Creole. You will learn how to say building and learn how to name different types of buildings in Haitian Creole. You will learn to say buildings like schools, churches, universities, libraries, and more.

Building = Bilding

House = Kay

Apartment = Apatman

Hospital = Lopital

Clinic = Klinik

Fire Station or Fire Department = Ponpye (fire truck or fireman is also called ponpye)

Office = Biwo

Courthouse = Tribinal or Palèdjistis

Jail or Prison = Prizon

Hotel = Otèl

Restaurant = Restoran

Church = Legliz

Post office = Lapòs

Palace = Palè

White House = Palè

Movie theater or Movies = Sinema (the actual movie is called fim)

School = Lekòl

University = Inivèsite

Gas station = Stasyon gaz or Estasyon gaz

Gas station = Ponp gaz

Car repair shop = Garaj

Mall = Magazen

Store = Magazen

Library = Bibliyotèk

Library = Libreri

Police station = Pòs polis

Police station = Biwo polis

Police station = Stasyon or Estasyon police

Museum = Mize

Stadium = Stad or Estad

Cathedral = Katedral

Factory = Faktori

Factory = Izin

Warehouse = Depo

Airport = Ayewopò

Airport = Èpòt

Train station = Stasyon or Estasyon tren

Bus station = Stasyon or Estasyon bis

Ferry station = Waf

Dock = Waf

Watch the Building names in Haitian Creole for pronunciations


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