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Dialogue For Restaurants (Dyalòg Pou Restoran) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

dialogue in haitian creole

Dialogue For Restaurants (Dyalòg Pou Restoran)

This post contains dialogue for restaurants. You will learn common words and sentences used during conversations in a restaurant. This post will teach you how to place your order, thank the waiter or waitress, let the restaurant know if there is an issue with your food, thank, and pay for your order.

Dialogue for when you are in a restaurant = Dyalòg lè ou nan yon restoran

Hello, may I take your order? = Alo, èske mwen ka pran kòmann ou?

Yes, I would like to have… = Wi, mwen ta renmen genyen…

Are you ready to order? =Èske ou pare pou kòmande? Èske ou prè pou kòmande?

Yes, I will have the chicken = Wi, m ap pran poul la

No, give me a few minutes please = Non, ban m kelke minit tanpri or Non ban m kèk minit tanpri

What would you like to order? = Ki sa ou ta renmen kòmande?

I would like to order a hamburger = Mwen ta renmen kòmande yon anbègè or anmbègè

What would you like to eat? Ki sa ou ta renmen manje?

I would like to eat a sandwich = Mwen ta renmen manje yon sandwich

What would you like to eat with it? = Ki sa ou ta renmen manje ave l

I would like to eat french fries = Mwen a renmen manje pòmdetè fri

What would you like to buy? = Ki sa ou ta renmen achte?

I would like to buy a beer = Mwen ta renmen achte yon byè

Give me a beer = Ban m yon byè

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I will take a beer = M ap pran yon byè

What else would you like? = Ki lòt bagay ou ta renmen? or Ki sa ou ta renmen ankò?

What would you like again? = Ki sa ou ta renmen ankò?

I would like to buy = Mwen ta renmen achte

Is that everything? = Sa sèlman? or Sa se tout?

Nothing else? = Anyen ankò?

I would like to buy some coffee = Mwen ta renmen achte enpe kafe

I will have a cup of orange juice = M ap pran yon gode ji zoranj

I would like a cup of coffee = Mwen ta renmen yon tas kafe or mwen ta renmen yon gode kafe

Your total is… = Total ou a se…

The total is… = Total la se…

Here is $20 = Men 20 dola

May I have some napkins please? = Èske mwen ka gen kelke napkin tanpri (silvouple)

May I have a straw please? = Èske mwen ka gen yon chalimo tanpri (silvouple)

I need an extra plate please or I need another plate please = Mwen bezwen yon lòt asyèt tanpri

The food is cold = Manje a frèt

The food is too cold = Manje a twò frèt

The food is too much = Manje a twòp

The food is too little = Manje a twò piti

Next person = Swivan

This is not what I ordered = Se pa sa mwen te kòmande

I don’t want it = Mwen pa vle li or mwen pa vle l

I don’t want this = Mwen pa vle sa

I am allergic = Mwen fè alèji or mwen alèji

I am allergic to peanuts = Mwen fè alèji ak pistach

I am allergic to shellfish = Mwen fè alèji ak kristase

Crab, Conch, Shrimp, Lobster = Krab, Lanbi, Kribich, Woma

I am allergic to peanut butter = Mwen fè alèji ak manba

I am allergic to nuts = Mwen fè alèji ak nwa (keep in mind when Haitians say ‘nwa’ they usually mean cashew nuts)

This plate is dirty = Plat or Asyèt sa a sal

This cup is dirty = Gode sa a sal

This glass is dirty = Vè sa a sal (Vè is the glass you drink from. Other glass like a car window is called glas)

The food does not (doesn’t) taste good = Manje a pa gou or manje a pa bon

Where is (where’s) the restroom? = Ki kote twalèt la ye?

Do you have toilet paper? = Ou gen papye twalèt?

Food = Manje

Eat = Manje

Hungry = Grangou

Drink = Bwè

Thirsty/Thirst = Swaf

Watch the Dialogue for Restaurants video for pronunciations

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