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Directions in Haitian-Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |


Directions in Haitian-Creole

This posts covers how to ask for directions and how to give directions in Haitian-Creole. It covers how to ask for a specific location like an address. It also covers how to give directions in Haitian-Creole like make a left, make a right, or go straight. How to tell if a place is close, far, or very far. Hopefully, you will be able to add to your vocabulary, how to construct sentences, and hopefully ask for and give directions.

Left = Gòch or Goch

Right = Dwat or Adwat

Straight = Dwat or Tou Dwat

Turn = Vire

Turn around = Vire Tounen

Block = Blòk

Street = Lari or Ri

What number? = Ki Nimewo

Address = Adrès 

Where? = Kibò or Ki kote?

Do you know? = Eske ou konnen? or Eske ou Kon?

Do you know where I can find? = Ou konnen kote m ka jwenn?  or Ou kon kote’m ka jwenn?

Do you know where this address is? = Ou konnen ki kote adrès sa ye? or Ou kon kot adrès sa ye?

Excuse me! = Eskize’m

How do I get to or how do I find? = Kijan’m ka jwen?

I am looking for… = Map chèche… or map chache…

Turn right = Vire a dwat (adwat)

Turn left = Vire a gòch or Vire a goch

Go straight = Ale tou dwat

Continue = Kontinye

Walk three blocks = Mache twa blòk

Turn on this street = Vire nan ri sa

It’s this way = Se bò isit (isi)

You passed it = Ou depase’l

It’s over there = Li lòt bò a

Excuse me sir! I am looking for the embassy = Eskize’m mesye ! map chèche (chache) anbasad la

No I don’t know = Non m pa konnen

Yes it’s not far = Wi li pa lwen la

Yes but it’s far = Wi men li lwen

Yes but it’s very far = Wi men li byen lwen

Make a left then make a right = Fè a gòch (goch) apre sa fè a dwat (adwat)

Go straight down this street = Ale tou dwat nan ri sa

Make a left under the light = Fè a gòch (goch) anba limyè a

Make a U-turn and go straight = Vire tounen or Kase tèt tounen epi ale tou dwat

It’s right here = Li la

You can’t miss it = Ou pa ka pa wè’l

When you see the sign = Lè ou wè siy la

You have arrived = Ou rive

Watch video for pronunciations


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