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Words and Phrases in Haitian Creole Video 7 - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

Words and Phrases in Haitian Creole Video 7

This video covers more words and phrases in Haitian Creole. This is video number 7. It covers words such as wants, needs, have or has, I am, sick, emergency, embassy, urgent, problems, buy, lost, give, church, taxi, police, restaurant, gun, knife, spoon, fork, touch, this, and that.

I need a job = Mwen bezwen yon travay

I want a job = Mwen vle yon travay

Do you have a bed? = (Èske) Ou gen (genyen) yon kabann?

I need a bed = Mwen bezwen yon kabann

I am a doctor = Mwen se yon doktè

I am a nurse = Mwen se yon enfimyè

I am a denstist = Mwen se yon dantis

I need a doctor = Mwen bezwen yon doktè

I need a hospital = Mwen bezwen yon lopital

Sick = Malad

Very sick = Grav

I want to go to a hospital = Mwen vle ale nan yon lopital

I need the United States Embassy = Mwen bezwen Anbasad Etazini

I need the American Embassy = Mwen bezwen Anbasad Ameriken

I have an emergency = Mwen gen yon ijans

Urgent = Ijan

I am an American = Mwen se Ameriken

I am in trouble = Mwen nan pwoblèm

I have problems = Mwen gen pwoblèm

I am lost = Mwen pèdi

I want to buy = Mwen vle achte

Buy for me = Achte pou mwen

Give me = Ban mwen

I want to go to church = Mwen vle ale legliz

Pastor = Pastè

Priest = Prèt or Pè

I need a taxi = Mwen bezwen yon taksi

Let’s go to a restaurant = Ann al nan yon restoran

Police = Lapolis

It’s a gun = Se yon zam

He has a gun = Li gen yon zam

Knife = Kouto

He has a knife = Li gen yon kouto

Spoon = Kiyè

Fork = Fouchèt

Do this = Fè sa

Don’t do that = Pa fè sa

Touch = Manyen

Can I touch you? =Èske mwen ka manyen ou?

Yes you can touch me = Wi ou ka manyen m (mwen)

No you cannot touch me = Non ou pa ka manyen m (mwen)

Watch Words and Phrases in Haitian Creole  video 7 for pronunciations

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