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Home in Haitian Creole (Living Room) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

home in haitian creole

Home in Haitian Creole (Living Room)

This is one of our posts where we cover a Home in Haitian Creole. This post covers things (including furniture) one normally finds in a living room. There is a previous video that covered different rooms one find in a house. Click here to watch. Our other posts related to the home also include kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom/restroom, garage, and backyard. Feel free to watch them after you are done with this post. This post also includes a podcast for those who prefer to listen to audios instead of watching the video. After you are done with this post and/or video, feel free to visit our games/exercise page so you can practice what you have learned. As always, feel free to leave comments and/or ask any questions you may have.

Sofa = Kanape

Chair = Chèz

Lamp = Lanp

Television = Televizyon

Light = Limyè

Telephone = Telefòn

Rocking chair = Dodin

Radio = Radyo

Table = Tab

Plant = Plant

Flower = Flè

Painting (or paint) = Penti

Picture = Foto

Clock = Revèy

Door = Pòt

Window = Fenèt

Watch Home in Haitian Creole video for pronunciations

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