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Bedroom in Haitian Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

bedroom in haitian creole

Bedroom in Haitian Creole

This post will teach you how to say bedroom in Haitian-Creole and how to say bedroom furniture and other things one would find in a bedroom. This post goes over the translation for bedroom in Haitian-Creole, the furniture such as a bed, mattress, sheets, etc… It also goes over things like the floor, the wall, and the ceiling. Check out our other video that covers the Living Room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, house, garage, and backyard. I have included a podcast with this post for those who prefer audios over videos. Feel free to provide feedback if you think I left anything out and of course your questions are always welcome.

Bedroom = Chanm

Bed = Kabann

Mattress = Matla

Sheets = Dra

Pillow = Zorye

Pillow case = Sak zorye

Headboard = Tèt kabann

Cabinet (for your clothes like an armoire) = Bifèt

Nightstand = Tab de nwi (nui)

Lamp = Lanp

Chair = Chèz

Window = Fenèt

Curtain = Rido

Flower = Flè

Clock =  Revèy

Picture = Foto

Floor = A tè

Wall = Mi

Ceiling = Fetay or Plafon

Closet = Klozèt or Plaka

Watch video for pictures and more explanation


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