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Kitchen in Haitian-Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

kizin or kwizin

Kitchen in Haitian-Creole

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This post covers the Kitchen in Haitian-Creole. You will also learn different objects that one finds in a kitchen. This is one of a few videos to help you learn Haitian-Creole that cover different rooms in a house. We have already published videos that cover a house, living room, and bedroom. Our next videos will cover dining room and bathroom. In addition to using this website and my YouTube channel, I recommend that you use other resources to help you learn Haitian-Creole. I encourage you to use other resources like books, CDs, practice listening, and of course make conversations with others who already speak Haitian-Creole.

Kitchen = Kwizin, Kizin, Kuizin (Kizin is more common)

Refrigerator or Fridge = Frijidè

Dishes or Plates = Asyèt or Plat

Broom = Bale

Bowl = Bòl

Cup = Gode or Vè (vè also means worm)

Coffee cup = Tas

Saucer = Soukoup

Blender = Blendè

Stove = Fou (fou also means crazy)

Oven = Anba fou

Handle = Manch

Faucet = Tiyo or Wobinèt

Sink = Evye

Pots and Pans = Chodyè or Kastròl (Kastròl are smaller)

Gloves = Gan

Bottle = Boutèy (usually glass) (Plastic bottle is Boutèy plastik)

Power outlets = Plòg

Countertop = Kontwa

Floor = Atè (ground is also Atè)

Cabinets = Kabinè or Bifèt

Drawer = Tiwa

Knob or Button = Bouton (Pimple is also bouton)

Coffee pot = Kafetyè

Ladle = Louch

Serving spoon = Gwo kiyè

Spatula = Kiyè plat (some people may say Tiwèl which means trowel or Pèl which is shovel)

Honey = Siwo Myèl (Siwo means syrup and Myèl is bee)

Jar = Bokal

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