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Dining Room – Speak Haitian Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

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Dining Room – Speak Haitian Creole

Are you trying to speak Haitian Creole? This video covers dining room which is Salamanje in Haitian-Creole. This post will teach you how to say table, chair, chandelier, and other items one would expect to find in a dining room. This is one of a few videos where we cover different rooms and items one finds in a house. Our other videos covered house, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. We also have two other posts where we cover a garage and a backyard. Feel free to watch our other videos on a house. Additionally, we have games on our website that you can practice to help you speak Haitian Creole.

Dining room = Salamanje

Chandelier = Chandelye

Curtain = Rido

Table = Tab

Tablecloth = Nap (mostly cloth)

Tablecloth = Tapi (mostly plastic)

Chair = Chèz

Cushion = Kousen

Door = Pòt

Window = Fenèt

Dishes = Asyèt or Plat

Dishes (porcelain) = Asyèt Fayans

Spoon = Kiyè

Knife = Kouto

Fork = Fouchèt

Placemat = Soupla

Plate cover = Kouvre pla

Place setting = Kouvè

Hallway = Koulwa

Strainer = Paswa

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