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haiti independence

How to celebrate Haiti Independence

Haiti Independence: December 31st is a big deal around the world because it is the end of one year. The last day of the year also opens the way for a new year. People make new year resolutions, wish each other happy new year,  party, and reflect on the past year. All those things are […]

How to ask questions in Haitian Creole

Sometimes it can be confusion when one is asking questions in Haitian Creole. It’s not always easy to figure out when to use èske, ki, kisa, or kijan. This post will help clarify those confusions. Do you? Did you? Are you? am I? is he? is it? is she? = Èske Do you like it? […]


Animals (ground) = Bèt a tè

This post covers animals in Haitian Creole. In this video, we will go over animals that walk on the ground. They could be kept as pets or just live freely outside. This post will cover pets such as dogs and cats. We will also cover others that few would want to keep as pets such […]

how do you say animal in haitian creole

Farm Animals (Bèt Jaden)

How do you say animal in Haitian Creole? It’s Bèt. This post includes a list of animals one can expect to find on a farm, especially in Haiti. Unlike the English language where a pig’s meat is called Pork or the cow’s meet is called beef; the word “meat” is simply added in front of […]

home in haitian creole

Home in Haitian Creole (Living Room)

This is one of our posts where we cover a Home in Haitian Creole. This post covers things (including furniture) one normally finds in a living room. There is a previous video that covered different rooms one find in a house. Click here to watch. Our other posts related to the home also include kitchen, […]


Travel to Haiti

If you are traveling to Haiti or thinking about traveling to Haiti, there are a number of things that you need to do or get. You need an airline ticket, passport, and suitcases. As you travel to Haiti, you will need to go through immigration and customs. After landing in Haiti, you will need to […]

basic words and phrases for adoptive families

Basic words and phrases for adoptive families

This post covers basic words and phrases for adoptive families. If you are thinking of adopting from Haiti or are in the process of adopting, this post will provide you with a few words and phrases you can use to communicate with your child. If you have recently adopted a child from Haiti and your […]

family in haitian creole

Family in Haitian Creole (extended family)

This post covers  family in Haitian Creole. This post specifically covers extended family members which usually include cousins, in-laws, nieces, nephews, grandparents, and in some cultures family friends and neighbors. There was another post that covered close family in Haitian Creole. You can see it here. Grandfather = Granpapa or Granpè which is more common […]


Family (Fanmi)

Family is when different people are related either by blood, marriage, or adoption. In some areas of the world like Haiti, your neighbors can also be considered family, especially when the families have been neighbors for generations.  Friends can also be considered family if the friends are really close. This post will cover close family […]

emotions in haitian creole

Emotions in Haitian Creole

This post will cover emotions in Haitian Creole. Emotions are usually how we show our feelings. For example, one can tell if a person is happy or sad based on whether that person looks happy or sad. Sometimes, the look on someone’s face can show if that person is worried, angry, frustrated, afraid, etc… If […]

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