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How to ask questions in Haitian Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

How to ask questions in Haitian Creole

Sometimes it can be confusion when one is asking questions in Haitian Creole. It’s not always easy to figure out when to use èske, ki, kisa, or kijan. This post will help clarify those confusions.

Do you? Did you? Are you? am I? is he? is it? is she? = Èske

Do you like it? = Èske ou renmen li?

Did you like it? = Èske ou te renmen li?

Are you hungry? = Èske ou grangou?

Am I invited? = Èske mwen invite?

Is it good? = Èske li bon?

Is she/he coming? = Èske li ap (lap) vini?

What? = Kisa?

What do you want? = Kisa ou vle?

What are you doing? = Kisa ou ap (w’ap) fè?

What time is it? = Ki lè li ye? or ki lè li fè?

At what time? = A ki lè?

Who? = Ki moun? or Kiyès?

Who are you? = Kimoun ou ye? or kiyès ou ye?

Who is that? = Ki moun sa or kiyès sa?

When? = Ki lè?

When are you coming? = Ki lè ou ap (w’ap) vini?

When is the trip? = Ki lè vwayaj la?

Where? = Ki kote? or ki bò?

Where are you? = Ki kote ou ye? or ki bò ou ye?

Where is it? or Where is he/she? = Ki kote li ye? or ki bò li ye?

Which one? = Kiyès?

Which one do you like the most? = Kiyes ou pi renmen?

Which one do you prefer? = Kiyès ou prefere?

How? = Kijan? or Kòman?

How are you? = Kijan ou ye?

How is everyone? = Kijan tout moun ye?

How much? = Konbyen?

How much money? = Konbyen kòb?

How much money? = Konbyen lajan?

How much is it? = Konbyen li koute?

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