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Haitian Food (Spaghetti) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

haitian food

Haitian Food (Spaghetti)

This post covers Haitian food. This post covers spaghetti which is Espageti in Haitian Creole. Different people have different cooking styles but the basics are pretty much the same when it comes to Haitian food. This is how I make Haitian spaghetti which is one of my favorite dishes. I know many people add hot dogs to their spaghetti but I usually try to add just chicken or veggies.

Ingredients:              Engredyan:

Spaghetti                    Espageti 

Tomato Paste           Pat Tomat

Shallots                      Eshalòt

Ketchup                     Sòs tomat 

Green onions          Powo or Poro

Oil                                Lwil 

Salt                             Sèl 

Cooked Meat (optional)   Vyann cuit (opsyonèl)

Clove                        Jiwòf

I boiled the water first with some salt, olive oil, and clove. Once the water is boiling, I add the spaghetti and let it took for 10-11 minutes. While the spaghetti is cooking, I heat up some olive oil and sauté some green onions, shallots (I don’t like onions), tomato paste, and meat (if any). You can also add Haitian spices to the oil but I usually don’t.  Once the veggies and tomato paste are cooked, I add some ketchup. I try not to let the spaghetti sit in the water after it’s cooked so it’s not soggy.  I aim for the veggies, tomato paste, and the spaghetti to finish cooking at the same time. So after adding the ketchup, I drain the spaghetti, add it to the tomato paste/ketchup sauce, and stir. I turn the stove on low and let it cook for another five minutes. Remember to remove all the cloves before serving because they don’t taste good.

For 1 lb. of spaghetti, I use 1/4 of a 6 oz. can of (organic) tomato paste. I don’t really measure the ketchup, but I probably use no more than five-six spoons.

If you want to add meat to the spaghetti, you can add fish, chicken, hotdog (although I don’t eat hotdog), herring, or turkey. I have yet to see Haitian spaghetti made with beef or goat.

Enjoy your meal                Bon apeti



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