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Farm Animals (Bèt Jaden) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

how do you say animal in haitian creole

Farm Animals (Bèt Jaden)

How do you say animal in Haitian Creole? It’s Bèt. This post includes a list of animals one can expect to find on a farm, especially in Haiti. Unlike the English language where a pig’s meat is called Pork or the cow’s meet is called beef; the word “meat” is simply added in front of the animal’s name in Haitian Creole. For example, meat is Vyann in Haitian Creole so the cow’s meat is simply called “vyann bèf. The pig’s meat is called “vyann kochon” and so on. Our other videos on animals include animals that live in the jungle and ground animals or pets. We will be creating at least a couple more videos on animals where we will cover birds and fish. This post includes a podcast for those who prefer to listen to the audio instead of watching the video. Also, feel free to visit our exercise/games page so you can practice what you have learned.


Bull = Towo Bèf

Horse = Chwal or Cheval

Donkey = Bourik

Chicken = Poul

Cow = Bèf

Turkey = Kodenn

Pig = Kochon

Rooster = Kòk

Duck = Kanna

Sheep = Mouton

Goat = Kabrit

Watch How do you say Animal in Haitian Creole video for pronunciations


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