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Base Verbs - B - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

base verbs in haitian creole

Base Verbs – B

This post covers base verbs in Haitian Creole. Base verbs are important when learning a new language because they are the root of a word. In this post, we will go over base verbs that start with the letter B only. We have another post where we covered the letter A. Our next post will cover Base Verbs in Haitian Creole letter C. We also have another video where we covered simple verbs. Click here to watch it. There is also a link to a YouTube video that you can watch to help with the pronunciations.

Bake = Kuit nan fou or Kuit anba fou

Beat = Bat

Become = Vin

Beg (like begging for money) = Mande (mande is also ask) – (Example someone sits on the side of the road begging for money or food. May I please have $5).

Beg (begging for favor) = Sipliye – (Example someone is begging for something like a favor or for their life. I beg you please stop). 

Begin = Kòmanse

Behave = Konpòte

Bend = Pliye or Ploye – (Pliye rad (Fold clothes))

Bend = Koube – (Bend the spoon (Koube kiyè a))

Bend = Bese – (Bend your head down (Bese tèt ou))

Bet = Parye

Betray = Trayi

Bind (tie) = Mare (They bound his eyes (Yo te mare je l)

Bite = Mòde

Blame = Blame

Bleed = Senyen (Bay san) – San means blood, bay is give

Blind = Pete je – (He blinded the man (Li pete je mesye a))

Blink = Bat je (Blink twice (Bat je ou de fwa))

Block = Bare or Bloke

Block = Bare (More like blocking something or someone physically)

Block = Bloke (does not have to be physical. For example you can block someone’s number on your phone which would be ‘bloke’)

Blow = Soufle

Boil = Bouyi

Borrow = Prete

Bounce = Mate (Bounce the ball (Made boul la))

Bounce = Rebondi (Something bounces and comes back))

Brag = Djòlè

Brake = Frennen (The act of pressing the break. The brake itself is called fren)

Break = Kase or Kraze

Break = Kase (Something breaks but it’s not shattered. You may be able to fix it)

Break = Kraze (It’s completely broken. You cannot repair it or the damage is too much to repair)

Breathe = Respire

Breed = Peple

Bribe = Bay kòb anba or Bay lajan anba (Both kòb and lajan mean money)

Bring = Pote or Mennen

Bring = Pote (Usually something you carry, maybe food or money)

Bring = Mennen (Like bring a guest to a wedding)

Brush = Bwose (Brush your teeth (Bwose dan ou))

Build = Bati

Bump = Frape – This one is when two things hit not when you run into each other at the mall for example and say hello. (I bumped into a man (Mwen frape ak (avèk) yon mesye)

Burn = Boule (The fire burned me (Dife a boule m))

Burp = Degobe

Burst = Pete (something small or the damage is small)

Burst = Eklate (something big like a loud boom or explosion)

Bury = Antere


Listen to the YouTube Video

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