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Base Verbs in Haitian Creole - A - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

base verbs in Haitian Creole

Base Verbs in Haitian Creole – A

This post covers base verbs in Haitian Creole. Base verbs are important when learning a new language because they are the root of a word. In this post, we will go over base verbs that start with the letter A only. Our next post will cover Base Verbs in Haitian Creole letter. We also have another video where we covered simple verbs. Click here to watch it. There is also a link to a YouTube video that you can watch to help with the pronunciations.

Accept = Aksepte

Achieve = Akonpli

Add = Ajoute

Admire = Admire

Admit = Admèt

Adopt = Adopte

Adore = Adore

Admit = Bay Konsèy or Konseye

Agree = Dakò

Allow = Pèmèt

Announce = Anonse

Annoy = Anmède

Answer = Reponn

Anticipate = Prevwa

Apologize = Mande Padon

Applaud = Aplodi

Apply = Aplike

Appreciate = Apresye

Approve = Apwouve

Argue = Plede

Arrive = Rive

Arrange = Ranje

Arrest = Arete

Ask = Mande

Assasinate = Asasinen

Assist = Asiste

Assure = Asire

Attach = Kole

Attack = Atake

Attract = Atire

Avoid = Evite

Awake = Leve or Je klè

Base Verbs Video

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