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Warnings in Haitian Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

warnings in haitian creole

Warnings in Haitian Creole

This post covers warnings in Haitian Creole. In this post you will learn basic words and phrases for warnings. You will learn to identify words that notify you of dangers, ask questions related to danger, and more.


Warning = Avètisman
Be careful = Fè atansyon
Watch out = Atansyon (Atansyon also means attention)
Watch your step = Gade kote ou ap mete pye ou (gad kote ou ap met pye ou)
slow down = Ale dousman
Slow down = Ralanti
Stay back = Kanpe la
Stay back = Rete la
Stay back = Pa Avance
Stay away = Rete lwen
Get up = Leve (Wake up is also leve)
Pay attention = Prete Atansyon
Don’t fall = Pa tonbe
It’s hot = Li cho
It’s sharp = Li file
It’s slippery = Li glise
It’s heavy = Li lou
It’s high = Li wo
It’s tight = Li sere
It’s deep = Li fon
It’s dangerous = Li danjere
Danger = Danje
What’s wrong? = Kisa ki genyen?
What’s wrong? = Sak genyen?
Why? = Poukisa?
Why not? = Poukisa?
What’s this? = Kisa sa ye?
What’s that? = Kisa sa a ye?
What did I do? = Kisa mwen te fè?
What did I do? = Kisa m te fè?
what should I do? = Kisa mwen ta dwe fè?
What should I do? or What do I do? = Kisa pou m fè?
Thanks for the warning = Mèsi pou avètisman an
You saved my life = Ou sove vi m
I owe you one = Mwen dwe ou
Be careful = Veye zo ou (veye is to be on the look out)
Blow it = Soufle li or Soufle l

YouTube video for Warnings in Haitian Creole

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