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Haitian Creole phrases and words 3 - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

haitian creole phrases and words

Haitian Creole phrases and words 3

This post covers Haitian-Creole phrases and words. This post covers costs, likes and dislikes, time, sleep, restroom, how to ask questions with and without ‘Èske’. It covers food, time, regrets, compliments, and a few insults. For more haitian-creole phrases watch this video.

How much is this? = Konbyen sa ye?

How much money? = Konbyen lajan?

Arrive = Rive

Go = Ale

Late = An reta

What time is it? = Ki lè li ye?

I am sleepy = Mwen gen dòmi

Are you sleepy? = (Èske) Ou gen dòmi?

I am going to bed or I am going to lay down = Mwen pral kouche

Where is the restroom? = Kote twalèt la ye?

Over there = La (you can also use lòt bò a)

Over here = Isit la

On the other side = Lòt bò a

Suitcase = Malèt

Bag = Valiz

Come = Vini

My clothes = Rad mwen (clothes is rad)

Sorry = Regrèt or padon

Have a nice day = Pase yon bon joune (or jounin)

Can I come or May I come? = (Èske) mwen ka vini?

Yes, you can come = Wi, ou (w) ka vini

What? = Kisa?

I understand = Mwen konprann

I don’t understand = Mwen pa konprann

Do you have food? = (Èske) Ou (w) gen manje? (gen is have)

Do you have milk? = (Èske) Ou (w) gen lèt?

Do you have juice? = (Èske) Ou gen ji?

May I have some water please?= (Èske) mwen ka gen dlo tanpri or souple? (tanpri or souple both mean please)

Do you have ice cream? = (Èske) Ou gen krèm?

Yesterday = Yè

Morning = Maten

Tomorrow = Demen

Where are you going? = Ki kote ou (w) prale? or Kote ou (w) prale?

Do you want to eat breakfast? = (Èske) Ou vle manje manje matin? (manje means food and eat)

I want breakfast = Mwen vle manje maten

What would you like? = Kisa ou (w) ta renmen?

I would like some coffee please = Mwen ta renmen enpe kafe tanpri

I would like some eggs = Mwen ta renmen enpe ze (eggs is ze)

I would like some toast = Mwen ta renmen enpe pen griye (pen is bread and griye is toasted)

Do you like it? = (Èske) Ou (w) renmen li?

May I have some? = (Èske) mwen ka gen enpe?

Give me some = Ban’m tikal or ban’m enpe

I don’t like it = Mwen pa renmen li (renmen means like and love)

I like it = Mwen renmen li

I love it = Mwen renmen li

I don’t love it = Mwen pa renmen li

I like you or I love you = Mwen (m) renmen ou (w)

I hate it = Mwen rayi li (rayi is hate)

I hate this or that = Mwen rayi sa

What do you think? = Kisa ou (w) panse?

I need help = Mwen bezwen èd

Good job = Bon travay

I want to go = Mwen vle ale

Pleasure = Plezi

Good luck = Bòn chans

Welcome = Byenveni

Speak more slowly = Pale pi dousman

Smart = Entelijan

You are lazy = Ou (w) parese

Greedy = Visye

This is cheap = Sa bon mache

Watch for more detailed explanations

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