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Law in Haitian Creole (Lwa oswa Lalwa) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

law in haitian creole

Law in Haitian Creole (Lwa oswa Lalwa)

This video covers Law or the Law in Haitian Creole. In this video we cover getting arrested, getting charged with a crime, going to trial, and more…. Our other videos cover hospital or doctor’s visits, verbs, and more.

Law = Lwa

The Law = Lalwa (Lalwa also means Aloe)

Crime = Krim

Witness = Temwen

Testify = Temwaye

Fine = Amann (Fine also means “byen”)

Victim = Viktim

Judge = Jij

Judge = Jije (To judge – verb)

Trial = Jijman

Violation = Vyolasyon

Bad or Heavy Traffic = Blokis

Traffic = Sikilasyon

Sentence = Santans or Kondane (Sentence is fraz when related to writing)

Capital punishment or Death penalty = Kondane a mò (Mò also means dead body or corpse)

Criminal = Kriminèl

Violent Criminal = Zenglendo (these days more people refer to them as “gangs”)

Charge = Akizasyon (to be accused of a crime)

Deter = Discourage (to discourage someone from committing an act. Discourage is also “dekouraje” in Haitian Creole)

Civil Law = Lwa sivil

Court = Lajistis oswa Leta (oswa means or)

Courthouse = Palèdjistis (some people also say palèjistis)

Civil court = Pakè

Criminal Court = Tribinal

Arrest = Arestasyon

Arrest = Arete (verb to arrest)

Arrest Warrant = Manda Darè (Manda also means “power of attorney”)

Handcuff = Minòt

Handcuff = Minote (the verb to handcuff)

Take into consideration = Pran an konsiderasyon

Bail = Kosyon

Lawyer or Attorney = Avoka

Jail or Prison = Prizon

Guilty = Koupab

At fault = An tò

Innocent = Inosan

Not Guilty = Pa Koupab oswa Inosan

Law in Haitian Creole Video for pronunciations

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