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Animals in Haitian Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

animals in haitian creole

Animals in Haitian Creole

This post covers animals in Haitian-Creole. This post covers animals that mostly live in the jungle. It does not cover every animal in the jungle but I tried to cover the most popular ones. This post covers lions, tigers, elephants, zebras, fox, scorpions, bear, deer, monkeys, snakes, wolves, leopards, and giraffe. We have two other posts where we covered farm animals and regular ground animals including pets. Our farms animals post covers animals that can be eaten such as chickens, turkeys, pork, and more. Our ground animals post covers other animals such as dog, cats, frogs, and more. We have also created a podcast for this post for those who prefer to listen to audios instead of watching a video. If you would like to practice what you have learned, feel free to visit our exercise/games section on our website. We will soon be releasing more posts on animals where we will cover birds and sea animals.

Jungle Animals = Bèt forè

Elephant = Elefan

Bear = Lous

Lion = Lyon

Tiger = Tig

Deer = Sèf

Giraffe = Jiraf

Monkey = Makak

Snake = Koulèv

Zebra = Zèb

Fox = Rena

Wolf = Lou

Scorpion = Eskòpyon

Leopard = Leyopa

Watch Animals in Haitian Creole video for pronunciations


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