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Common Words in Haitian Creole (and Short Conversations) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

common words in haitian creole

Common Words in Haitian Creole (and Short Conversations)

This video teaches short conversations and common words in Haitian-Creole. Please feel free to comment and/or provide feedback.


Aprann = Learn

Pale = Talk or Speak

Kreyòl = Creole

Bonjou = Good morning

Non = Name (Non also means no)

Mwen or M = I, me, my, mine

Oubyen = Or

Se = am, are, is (do not use to describe a feeling. So if you wanted to say “I am sick” you can’t say “mwen se malad”, you would say ‘mwen malad’. But if you wanted to say ‘I am a woman’ you would say ‘mwen se yon fi’)

Kijan = How, Kòman, Kouman

Ou or W = You, Your, Yours

Rele = Call (it also means yell or scream)

Non mwen se = My name is

Mwen rele = My name is

Kijan ou rele? = What is your name? 

Ki non ou? = What is your name?

Byen = Fine

Kontan = Happy or Glad

Rankontre or Rankont = Meet

Mwen byen kontan rankontre ou = I am happy to meet you

Mwen menm tou = Me too

Mèsi = Thank you

Kijan ou ye? = How are you?

Mwen byen = I am fine

Mwen byen mèsi = I am fine thank you

Pa byen = Not fine or Not well

Malad = Sick

Jodi a = Today

Kijan ou ye jodi a? = How are you today?

Mwen pa byen = I am not fine. I am not well

Mwen malad = I am sick

Santi = Feel (Santi also means smell. If you use santi by itself to describe a smell then it automatically means ‘smell bad’. If it smells good then you would say ‘santi bon’)

Dòmi = Sleep

Ale = Go

Pral = Will 

Regrèt = Sorry or Regret

Pi = More or less (Pi gro means bigger and Pi piti means smaller or younger)

Mwen regrèt sa = I regret that or I am sorry

Santi ou pi byen = Feel better

Mwen pral dòmi = I am going to sleep

Nou or N = We, Us, Our, Ours, You (plural)

Nou ap or N ap = We are ( n ap manje means we are eating)

Pita = Later

Orevwa = Goodbye

Nou a or n a pale pita = We will talk later

Bòn nui (nwi) = Goodnight

Common Words in Haitian Creole Video

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