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Clothes in Haitian-Creole - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

clothes in haitian creole

Clothes in Haitian-Creole

This post covers clothes which is “Rad” in Haitian-Creole. This post will teach you how to say dresses, pants, shirt, undershirt, underwear, panties, socks, shoes, belt, suit, skirt, underskirt, sleeveless tops or shirts, shorts, T-shirt, undress, clothe, nightgown, pajamas, Jeans, overalls, sweater, gloves, bra in Haitian-Creole.

Clothes = Rad

Clothe or Get dressed = Abiye

Undress = Dezabiye

Dress = Rad or Wòb

Pants = Pantalon or Kanson

Belt = Sentiwon

Shirt = Chemiz

Tie = Kòl

Undershirt = Chemizèt

Skirt = Jip

Underskirt = Jipon

Sleeveless top = Mayo san manch

Socks = Chosèt (thinner, worn with regular shoes)

Socks = Ba (Thick; worn with tennis shoes)

Shorts = Chòt or Bout Chòt

T-Shirt = Mayo

Tennis Shoes = Tenis or Soulye Tenis

Sweater = Chanday

Scarf = Foula

Handkerchief = Mouchwa

Shoes = Soulye

Suit = Kostim

Jacket = Vès

White coat or Lab coat = Blouz

High heels = Talon Kikit

Pantyhose or Tights = Ba

Sandals = Pantouf (more like slippers); Sandal (all type of sandals including dressy sandals and flip flops; Sapat (everyday sandals, can be worn to the local market)

Nightgown = Chemiz de nwi or Chemizdenui

Pajamas = Pijama

Hat = Chapo (Bone usually worn by babies and/or when it’s cold)

Jeans = Abako

Gloves = Gan

Overalls = Salopèt

Underwear (men) = Slip (or Eslip)

Panties (women) = Kilòt or Pantalèt

Bra = Soutyen

Watch video for pronunciations

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