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Words and Phrases in Haitian Creole Video 6 - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |


Words and Phrases in Haitian Creole Video 6

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This is our sixth post which covers words and phrases in Haitian-Creole. This post covers certain animals, especially the ones that can be eaten and the ones that can be kept as pets. This post also covers words and sentences that cover death, insults, compliments, work, too much of something, needs and wants, and more… I hope you are able to use this post to increase your vocabulary and learn to form new sentences in Haitian-Creole. I have met several people who have told me it’s easy to learn the words but they find it difficult to put the words into sentences. I encourage you to use different materials to help you on your journey to becoming fluent in Haitian-Creole. Pimsleur has a Haitian-Creole Phase 1 program that contains 30 units (available on Amazon) that you can use as an additional source. As always, all questions and comments are welcome.

Let me tell you = Kite’m di ou or Ban’m di ou

I am upset = Mwen fache

I am sick = Mwen malad

I have a headache = Mwen gen yon tèt fè mal (Mwen gen tèt fè mal)

My head hurts = Tèt mwen ap fè’m mal

I am tired = Mwen fatige

I cannot read = Mwen pa ka li (mwen pa kapab li)

I like school = Mwen renmen lekòl

I already graduated = Mwen gradye deja

I am going to graduate = Mwen pral gradye

My parents are dead = Paran mwen yo mouri

My mom is dead = Manman mwen mouri

My dad is dead = Papa mwen mouri

I need… = Mwen Bezwen

Flag = Drapo

Haitian Flag = Drapo Ayisyen

Pumpkin Soup =Soup Joumou

Chicken = Poul

Turkey = Kodenn

Cow = Bèf

Beef = Vyann Bèf

Pig = Kochon

Pork = Vyann Kochon

Fish = Pwason

Goat = Kabrit

Cat = Chat

Dog = Chen

Bird = Zwazo

Kill = Touye or Tiye

Die = Mouri

You have a nice smile = Ou gen yon bèl souri

I like when you laugh = Mwen renmen lè ou ri

You speak too loud = Ou pale twò fò

You speak too low = Ou pale twò ba

You work too much = Ou travay twòp

I want to work = Mwen vle travay

I need a job = Mwen bezwen yon travay

Watch Words and Phrases in Haitian Creole video 6 for pronunciations



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