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Simple Future Verbs (Vèb Fiti Senp) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

simple future verbs

Simple Future Verbs (Vèb Fiti Senp)

This post will cover Simple Future Verbs. Simple Future Verbs discuss things that have not happened. They are in the future. They will happen at some point but they are not in the present or the past. In English, we use the word ‘will‘ to talk about something that has not happened. In Haitian Creole, we can use A, Ap, or Pral. Pral is used more to talk about something that is going to happen. For example, ‘I am going to eat tonight’ translates to ‘Mwen (m) pral manje aswè a’. We can also talk about eating tonight by saying ‘I will eat tonight’ which translates to ‘mwen (m) ap manje aswè a’ which is a very strong way to say I will eat for sure. We can also say ‘mwen (m) a manje aswè a’ which also means ‘I will eat tonight’ but it’s weaker, I might not eat tonight. Both A and Ap mean ‘will’ but Ap is mostly used when one is really sure something will happen. Try not to overthink it, using ‘Ap’ doesn’t mean someone will keep their words and using ‘A’ doesn’t mean they won’t. Also, usually when we use the word ‘ap’, it can mean something is happening right now so try to give a time frame when using it for future. For example,’ m ap manje’ is ‘I am eating’. But ‘m ap manje pita’ means ‘I will eat later’. The word ‘pita’ which means ‘later’ makes it future because it hasn’t happened. ‘M a manje pita’ also means ‘I will eat later’. We also have another video where we covered simple verbs. Click here to watch it.

Will = Ap (more sure about doing something, it might not happen but it’s still stronger)

Will = A (will do something but no assurance given, it’s weaker)

Will = Pral (going to do something)

Going to = Pral

I will go = Mwen pral ale (prale)

You will go eat now = Ou pral manje kounye a

You are going to eat now = Ou pral manje kounye a

He is going to church at 10:00 o’clock = Li pral legliz a dizè

She will eat later = Li ap (l ap) manje pita (There’s a high probability that she will eat later)

We will cook rice tomorrow = Nou ap (n ap) kuit diri demen (Again there’s a high probability we will cook rice)

You (plural) will read two books this week = Nou ap (n ap) li de liv semenn sa  (High probability you will have to read two books. If a teacher says that then it means you don’t have a choice)

I will call you Tuesday = Mwen ap (m ap) rele ou Madi (It’s almost like I am giving you my words although I might not call after all but in that moment I am giving you my words)

I will Call you Tuesday = Mwen a (m a) rele ou Madi (I might call you but I could be saying it to get you off my back. Even though in that moment I am not giving my words 100% but it doesn’t mean I won’t call)

They will cook the food later = Yo ap (Y ap) kuit manje a pita (the food will be done, strong statement)

They will cook the food later = Yo a (Y a) kuit manje a pita (the food may be done later, weak statement)


Are you going to school? or will you go to school? = Ou pral lekòl?

Yes I am going = Wi mwen prale (pral ale)

Yes I am going to school = Wi mwen pral lekòl

Will you call me later? = Ou ap rele m pita? (will it happen for sure)

No I will not call you = Non mwen p ap (pa ap) rele ou ( I am sure I will not call)

Will you call me later? = Ou a rele m pita? (I really want you to call me but I would like to know if you will, weaker question)

Yes I will call you = Wi m ap rele ou (I will call you; strong answer)

Yes I will call you = Wi m a rele ou (I will call you; weaker answer)

I might call you = Mwen ka rele ou

I hope you didn’t find this post confusing especially when it comes to using ‘A’ or ‘Ap’. Remember they both mean the same thing. Using one over the other doesn’t mean something will or won’t happen. It’s just a matter of how strong or weak someone makes a statement or asks a question.


Watch this video for pronunciations

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