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Haitian Black Mushroom (Djon Djon) - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

Haitian Black Mushroom (Djon Djon)



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Haitian Djon Djon

Organic and natural black dried mushrooms known as djon djon in the Haitian community is a rare delicacy.  This mushroom is used to make the most amazing, flavorful Haitian black rice.  Once you have tried it you will never want rice any other way.

Haitian djon djon; A taste of home in your home.

Bon jan djondjon natirèl pou tout moun ki anvi manje yon bon diri djondjon. Avèk djondjon sa, diri’w ap koupe dwèt, se goute pa lese.

Please email if you have any questions asdinternational@yahoo.com.

1Lb $55.00

8 oz. $30.00

4 oz. $16.00

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