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Months of the Year - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

months of the year

Months of the Year

This post covers the months of the year in Haitian-Creole. The month of the year in Haitian Creole are very similar to the way they are pronounced in French. The spelling is what differentiates them. In this post, you will learn to say the 12 months of the year, spell them, and pronounce them. You can also use this website to learn other things like numbers, learn to say food items in Haitian creole, clothes, words and phrases for family, careers, buildings and more. There are a few games that you can use to practice and a few Haitian recipes from third party websites. I try to create a game for each post so you can go over a post, watch the videos, and test your knowledge with the games/exercises.

If you prefer to listen to an audio, you can also listen to our podcast. There is an audio published for each post on our website.

January = Janvye

February =Fevriye

March = Mas

April = Avril

May = Me

June = Jen

July = Jiyè

August = Out

September = Septanm

October = Oktòb

November = Novanm

December = Desanm

Watch Months of the year video for pronunciations

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