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Numbers in Haitian Creole 61-100 - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |


Numbers in Haitian Creole 61-100

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This is our third of three videos that can be used to learn to count from 1-100 in Haitian-Creole. The first video covered numbers 1-30; the second video covered numbers 31-60; and this video covers numbers 61-100. You can also use additional resources to help you learn and practice your numbers. My First Haitian Creole 1 to 100 is a book sold on Amazon that can help you learn your numbers.  I have recorded a one minute audio with all the numbers and a video that explains the numbers in greater detail. As always all questions and feedback are welcome.

61 Swasant e un

62 Swasant de

63 Swasant twa

64 Swasant kat

65 Swasant senk

66 Swasant sis

67 Swasant sèt

68 Swasant uit

69 Swasant nèf

70 Swasant dis

71 Swasant onz

72 Swasant douz

73 Swasant trèz

74 Swasant katòz

75 Swasant kenz

76 Swasant sèz

77 Swasant disèt

78 Swasant dizwit (dizuit)

79 Swasant diznèf

80 Katreven

81 Katreven un

82 Katreven de

83 Katreven twa

84 Katreven kat

85 Katreven senk

86 Katreven sis

87 Katreven sèt

88 Katreven uit

89 Katreven nèf

90 Katreven dis

91 Katreven onz

92 Katreven douz

93 Katreven trèz

94 Katreven katòz

95 Katreven kenz

96 Katreven sèz

97 Katreven disèt

98 Katreven dizwit (dizuit)

99 Katreven diznèf

100  San

Watch Numbers in Haitian Creole video for pronunciations

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