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Smoked Herring Fish 1lb. Skinless Salted Fillet. Always Fresh. - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

Smoked Herring Fish 1lb. Skinless Salted Fillet. Always Fresh.


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Skinless Salted

Fresh Smoked Herring Fish

Filleted  1lb.

Comfort Food from the Caribbean to Mediterranean 

Please place Smoked Salted Herring Fish in refrigerator 

Upon receiving, For One Hour before consuming or serving.

This product and the rest of the fish Products
We have listed. Are SMOKED & SALTED



Smoked Herring fish  is sold in two ways

Whole with the skin on and bones in tack, complete with the head

And filleted and boneless

The filleted and boneless is the more expensive of the two

Unlike salt fish, it is not necessary to soak Smoked Herring

Overnight to loosen up the fish and remove the salt

A quick, rapid boil for 5 -10 minutes does the trick.

The fillets unlike the whole Smoked Herring is boiled to remove

Some of the salt simply because there is more flesh and more surface area of salt

Once boiled, the fish is drained and then prepared according to the desired recipe

Simply mix it desired amount of herrings

With your favorite salad and serve.

We receive all our fish products from our suppliers AS IS.

Smoked Herring Fish we sell is NOT DRY or Brittle as Beef Jerky

Smoked Herring Fish is fully cured with Salt, Smoked, Always Fresh.

Quantity in stock: FULL    Available for sale

Product of: Atlantic Ocean USA

Packaging: Plastic Bag.

Storing: Refrigerate, or Cool Room Temperature after opening

Expires: 1 Year frozen, 4 weeks refrigerated

Net Wt. 1lb. or Over.

Serving: About 6 to 7

Continental USA: Shipping US Postal Priority Mail

International Shipping: Not Available

Available on Ebay

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