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Dinner Ideas for the Haitian Cook: Easy Traditional Haitian Recipes Paperback - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

Dinner Ideas for the Haitian Cook: Easy Traditional Haitian Recipes Paperback




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Haitian food is renowned for its ability to scintillate the palate, as it uniquely blends French, African, and Spanish influences. This book aims to inspire you to cook delicious, authentic Haitian food. The book offers simple collections of traditional Haitian recipes, and provide a source of reference and information for those of us who did not pay attention when our Haitian parents were cooking in the kitchen. I hope you continue to treasure these recipes as I have and pass on the Haitian tradition of cooking to our next generation. For many of us, we inspire to cook popular recipes such as spicy Pikilz, tender Griot, and soul-warming Soup Joumou. This delightfully annotated recipe collection consists of these flavor-filled Haitian recipes and so much more.

Inside you’ll find:

Vocabulary and Haitian Food Names
Appetizers – Accra, Haitian Patties and Bannann Peze
Salad Dishes – Salad Pomdete and Salad Zaboka
Soup Dishes – Soup Joumou and Bouyon
Meat Dishes – Griots and Boulet
Poultry Dishes – Tasso de Dinde and Poul neg Maron ak Kalalou
Seafood Dishes -Lambi and Pwason
Beverages – Kremas and Sitronad
Recipes for the home or large gatherings
Beautiful full-color images of the finished recipes
Easy to follow, step by step instructions for each recipe

Whether you are trying Haitian cuisine for the first time or you long for the flavors of home, this traditional Haitian cookbook is for you. It also makes an excellent gift for family, friends, and loved ones.

About the Author:
Samuel Valme is a native of Haiti who moved to the United States in the early 70s. He is a graduate of Walden University, and a motivational speaker and author. He is an Army retiree with over 30-years of federal service. His lengthy federal career has allowed him to spend significant time visiting and live in several countries around the world. He is widely recognized as an expert on leadership, but his passion is to inspire, encourage, and empower others to discover and fulfill their purpose. He has authored books on leadership and books, which shares his rich Haitian culture. He currently lives in Georgia.

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