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BAK FRITAY: Haitian Street Foods Kindle Edition - Learn Haitian Creole | Aprann Kreyòl Ayisyen |

BAK FRITAY: Haitian Street Foods Kindle Edition


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“Bak Fritay”, two magical words in the street food lover’s world. Two words that bring smiles, start conversations, and entice everyone to add to the list their best spots, memories, and tales about the street vendors and taste of their food. This first cooking book is packed with some of the most preferred authentic food of Haïti. The recipes, stories, and tips will bring you on a culinary journey thru the streets and regions of Haiti. What a great way to start cooking with your family and friends whilst sharing our rich gastronomy. Let’s start cooking!”
—Chef Natacha Gomez.

Street foods tell a lot about the Haïtian locals’ life. It’s part of our cultural heritage and it is of rising interest with the gastronomy tourism. Street foods can help promote a region when showcased in local events. A tourist who wants a “100% Lokal” experience full of flavors and uniqueness should have a taste of our street foods. Those dishes are more than often low-priced but are extremely popular.
I do believe that by keeping those recipes alive we help in preserving our culture.

Most of the dishes in this book are displayed the way they were traditionally served. They were photographed in my garden in Cap-Haïtien. This first in a series of cookbooks will give you a primary taste of our traditional cuisine. The shared recipes range from the Tainos grilled conch to the Spanish herbs, and from the French techniques used to the fritters brought by the Africans.

Let’s Eat!

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